Sunday, February 9, 2014


Last month James turned 17!! It was a great day to celebrate with him and his 11 brothers he lives with!

 I am SO blessed I got to celebrate with these precious boys! 


 Along with many new things at FCA over the last few weeks, we have added a lunch program. This program allows our students to eat lunch at school before they go home. The second week of school we started small and fed our 40 Chelston kids. This helped us to figure out a plan and slowly ease our way into preparing lunch for over 500 kids! Everyone pitched in to help us get set up and running and our Chelston kids did an amazing job being our test subjects!

The next week we started serving lunch for not only our students but the government students as well. The first few days we did a lot of training our students on carrying cafeteria trays and cleaning up after themselves. Our students are now doing an amazing job during lunch!