Monday, April 28, 2014

field day...

After our testing was completed at the end of the term, we had our very first field day! On field day, we took the classes to the hilltop to play and celebrate the end of Term One. Our lower primary kids came up first during morning and afternoon sessions. It was the first day the weather changed and turned off cold and we had some rain, but it did not stop anyone from playing.  They played with a parachute my sister had sent over, spent time on the playground and of course had a soccer game. I am not sure if the teachers or students had more fun!


During the afternoon group of lower primary kids it started to rain hard. I was afraid our older kids would not get to have their tournaments because of the weather, but when I walked our lower primary kids back up, I saw all of our older kids lined up and singing! They were so pumped up you would have thought they were getting to play in the World Cup! They were not going to let the weather stop them! The teachers and students warmed up and then ran to the fields chanting and singing. We had planned to have volleyball tournaments and soccer tournaments going on for the kids, but the soccer tournament definitely had everyone’s attention. The kids lined the playground and cheered and chanted the entire time. All of our games came down to penalty kicks, and after each kick a huge celebration broke out of the field. It was unlike anything I had ever seen at a sporting event! In the end our Grade 6 team beat our Grade 7 team in the championship, but it was an exciting day for all!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

teachers and tuitions...

The last two weeks of the term we have tuitions. The first week of tuitions gives the teachers the opportunity to review material from the term with all of their students. The second week is a smaller group of students who need a little more support. Many of these students are our new kids who recently moved into the Tree of Life and might have missed school for a few years or never had the opportunity to go to school before.  I did some training with the teachers modeling some of the activities they could try with their students during tuitions week and then challenged my teachers to think outside the box when creating lessons and try new teaching strategies. 


They definitely did just that! During tuitions week our teachers had their kids doing speeches, group work and games. It was exciting to see our teachers get creative!