Monday, July 21, 2014


This summer Family Legacy has opened 8 different houses. Families from back home have fundraised, planned and prayed over these houses for months and even years! Each house is named by the family who is opening the house and it holds special meaning.  The day before a house opening our kids at Chelstone are told who will be moving in the next day! They pack their bag and have one more night before they get to move in to their new home. On the day of a house opening, our kids are picked up from Chelstone, say their goodbyes to their friends and head to the Tree of Life! 

When they arrive at Tree of Life they wait on the bus until it is time for the family building the house to come get them and take them to their new home! When it is time, the family opening the home comes and gets the kids! They walk the kids to the front of the house where all of our kids at Tree of Life welcome them with singing and dancing. The new kids are told the story about who their house was built in memory of or what is stands for. After worship and prayer they kids are taken in to see their new home!

This summer we had 84 kids move into the Tree of Life. It has been an excited summer to watch kids who have been pulled from ditches, removed from abusive parents, or lived on the streets be able to find a home! 

The first houses to open this summer were the new Life Vision Homes. Two for our older girls, Ganny's and Legacy, and Jacob Logan's for the boys. The Life Vision Homes are for our older children who can now take on leadership responsibilities and are able to have a little more freedom! 

The same afternoon the Life Vision Homes were opened, Treasure House opened! Some of my sweet precious girls I have had the opportunity to love on at Chelston the past 8 months got to move in!

After Treasure House opened each kid who moved into a Life Vision Home took a new child to move into their room in their old house! What a sweet afternoon seeing our older kids lead in our new ones and 12 new girls to be at home! 

Next came Amen House, a few weeks later, opened by 5 sweet families. They have opened two other houses together, Glory and Hallelujah. 12 amazing boys had a new place to call home! 

Della's house was the  next to open and 12 more girls so excited about a bed to sleep in and a new family! 

The next week Richard's House opened! This house opening was so special because one of my sponsored kids, Elijah, moved in with his 2 brothers. This house of boys is extra special to me because they were some of the first boys to move into Chelstone after I moved in! We have been on this journey together the last 8 months! 

The last house to open was Kyle's House! 12 more boys found their home! The twins rescued from Chaisa in June got to move in along with other boys who all moved in while camp has been going on! How special to get to see these kids rescued and now at home! 

During the second house opening one of the girls who had just moved in came and stood next to me and asked if any new girls had taken her spot at Cheston since she moved in. I told her, "of course, you know we had new girls come." She asked me to find out who was in her old room. I asked her why it mattered it to her because she had a new house now. She looked over at and said, "well that is where the first bed I ever slept in is. I want to make sure they know how special it is!" I squeezed her tight and realized this is the first home many of these kids have ever had, let alone one complete with everything they could imagine! 84 kids have new house this summer thanks to the heart of these families! What a blessing! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

teach one...

During weeks 3 and 4 of camp, we had our first Teach ONE trip! Teach One was my first experience in Zambia this time last year so it is very dear to my heart! This group worked at Kamanga LCA, our newest school. They did a phenomenal job loving on our teachers and pouring into them!

During the two weeks that they were here we had an opportunity to go to Chimanuka on a mini safari. They were so generous to invite the education staff along! We were able to enjoy the day outside and even got to walk cheetahs!

It is amazing how God calls so many different people to come and serve and I am so thankful that I get to see how God uses each of these people here. My roommate on Teach ONE last year, Ashley, came back for the first Teach ONE trip. What a joy to work with her in Zambia again! She has such an amazing heart for these children and truly a blessing to all of those around her!

I cannot even begin to describe how much it means to have people from home over here! I was definitely blessed by this team during their two weeks!