Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Changing a life can look different for each child. At Family Legacy, we have 2 programs that are impacting kids. In one program our kids live with us in our full time care and in the other program our kids live with caretakers or family and attend our school. I mainly get to work in our children’s village where our kids live with us full time, but have the opportunity to work with our other program as well. Sponsorship in each of these programs is different, but life changing for both sets of kids.
This past summer, I was given the opportunity to start sponsoring one of the older boys who moved in to the village from another one our residential programs. Franklin was born into a family of seven but abandoned at a very young age. He moved around a lot trying to find any way to survive – farming, scavenging, and begging. With no support from his family and no one to turn to, Franklin lived on the street and sought refuge under a tree each night. One day, a man in the marketplace took pity on him and paid for his bus fare to Lusaka. In Lusaka, things did not improve but became even more difficult for Franklin and he found himself stealing food to survive. Seeing no way out, and having no hope, Frank decided to commit suicide. Unsuccessful in his suicide attempt he continued on until he was chosen to attend Camp LIFE and moved in to our full time care in 2011.
Through spending time with Franklin I learned more and more about his family and where he came from. He did not grow up ever knowing  a father and speaks of how he knew his dad was a bad person. He often talked of his mom and other siblings and family he has. One day, Franklin was talking about how he is the only one of siblings going to school. With tears in his eyes he looked at me and asked, “Can you help them.”
I started having our discipleship staff look for his family. They took a picture of Franklin and starting asking anyone they could in Chipata if they knew where his family was. They eventually found them. His mother was brewing munkoyo, a traditional drink, which is the only source of income she has. There are 9 people living in a 2 roomed house including 5 of Franklin’s brothers and sisters. 

Immediately, I received word of Franklin’s siblings and we decided they needed to get started in our program this year and not wait for Camp Life 2016. These 5 children will not move in to our full time care, but will have the opportunity to stay with their mom and be a part of our other program. My prayer is that we will find sponsors for each of these kids so they can begin going to school. With their sponsorship, they will get to attend our Kabanana Legacy Academy and receive a hot lunch every day. They will receive blessings of food to take home for the family, discipleship from our staff and a Christian education. One day these kids might need to move into our full time care, but for now getting to stay in their own home with their family and getting to go to school is an incredible opportunity. 

If you are interested in sponsoring one of Franklin’s siblings, see the details below and click their link to sign up! I promise you that sponsoring one of these kids and watching God transform their life over the next few years will be more of a blessing to you than it could ever be to them!
When I watch Franklin and talk to him about what he will become, I have a hard time imagining that it is even the same kid that one day was stealing in the streets just to survive. Recently, Franklin has been helping and teaching some secondary classes at the TOL. He came and told me a few weeks ago he had decided he now wanted to become a Secondary Social Studies Teacher; he wants to change lives like his has been changed. It overwhelms me how God uses people to transform the lives of these kids. The lessons I learn from them are more than I could ever teach them!

with love from Zambia,

 Sponsorship is $44 a month for grades 1-6 and then increases to $66 for grade 7 and above. These 5 kids will most likely be in Grade 6 or lower. The onetime $95 enrollment fee has already been paid for these 5 kids. Click on the name of the child above to get to their sponsorship page. If you have any difficulty registering, call 972-620-2020 and ask for Marla.
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Friday, November 6, 2015



There are some days when life over here is overwhelming. Family and friends are thousands of miles away, there is more work to be done than can possibly ever be done, there is no way I could ever be what each of these kids needs. But, the great thing is, for every overwhelming moment there is over here there are so many more moments where I am overwhelmed by work being done by the mighty God who called me over here! 

It is overwhelming to watch teachers being taught by our own kids and soak up anything shown to them! In the beginning of September we had teacher training and then opened school for term 3. It is always refreshing to see our teachers growing and excited about learning and teaching new things. It is so always so refreshing when our kids return to school after a holiday break!

I am overwhelmed when I watch 70 kids who weren't even given an opportunity for an education march into the parliament building to sit through a session and understand what is going on. These grade 7 kids created a business and ran it this summer to pay for their field trips. Watching their eyes light up at the opportunity to watch a session of parliament that they have been learning about for years is pretty incredible.

Overwhelmed with the opportunity to start a Senior Secondary School at the TOL next year! I have been working to learn everything I can about Senior Secondary Schools in Zambia and prepare for the opening of our 10-12 school at TOL in January. Be in prayer for us we embark on this new journey!

Overwhelmed each time I am called mom by so many of these precious faces and overwhelmed each time I realize what God has entrusted me with.  Mainly these last few months have been me just trying to keep up with all of these kids and the struggles, challenges and blessings they go through each day!!

In the good seasons and difficult seasons I am most of all overwhelmed by the incredible God we serve and overwhelmed by the grace I receive everyday that I do not deserve! Thank you for continuing in this journey with me and for your prayers and support every day!

Friday, August 21, 2015

too long...

It has been a long time, too long, since my last update! I don't even know how to describe the last six months except to say they have been busy! On this side when people are away for furlough we have to just fill in and make it work until they return. This spring I filled in for our Superintendent of Schools and then immediately stepped in to the Tree of Life Village Director's position when he left for time off. Life can be crazy over here with just your own job, so working two has kept me running. 

Term two started in May and shortly after that camp season hit. Our kids started out the season with their own mini camp and learning about GRACE! We had hundreds of Americans come over the last two months and pour into thousands of our kids! It has been a joy to watch both the Americans and the kids enjoy camp week after week. 

This camp season we opened seven homes throughout the village and were able to move in over 100 kids into the village. What an amazing time of celebration to watch these kids get to move home and be able to rescue even more children from terrible situations.

This past season God has been stretching me, humbling me, and pushing outside my comfort zone. Man, I never could have imagined what all God had in store for me when I moved over here, but not a day goes by that I don't feel your prayers and know how blessed I am because of all the people praying and encouraging me from back home! 

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you."



Life has been busy. A good busy. A GREAT busy, actually. The last few months we have been preparing for 9,737 kids to start school through our program. The holidays and dream camp flew by as we worked towards schools opening and for the first time, secondary school starting. After months of research construction and preparation, our secondary school opened in January. How exciting to see God working in so many different ways through our schools.

Our kids received everything they need for school from us. From pencils and notebooks to uniforms and desks, we order and distribute it all! For almost 10,000 kids, this becomes a lot to complete. As we are settling into school, it is exciting to think that each of the thousands of exercise books represents a kid who gets to go to school, who gets to learn!

This year our theme is "Unearthing Hearts of Gold." We challenged our teachers to dig deep into the hearts of these kids who come to us beaten down and feeling worthless and help them discover the greatness inside!

Copper and Gold

If I offered you a pound of copper or a pound of gold, which would you choose?
Many companies in Zambia are choosing copper.  That’s because the Copperbelt province of Zambia is rich with the metal, and mining it out of the earth is making these companies rich.  It is one of the most lucrative businesses in Zambia and the nation’s single biggest export.  But it is not the most valuable treasure there...

There is gold in Zambia, too.  But it can’t be wrestled out of the earth with heavy machinery and cheap labor the way copper can.  In fact, you could sift every square inch of Zambian soil and still not find much of it.  That’s because you’d be looking in the wrong place.
The gold of Zambia is in the hearts of its children.  Like copper, it lies beneath the surface, silent, waiting to be discovered.  It is invisible to those who don’t know it’s there, and only the ones who realize its enormous potential take the time and effort to bring it out.

At Family Legacy, we’re in the gold mining business.
Would you settle for copper if there was gold to be had? Neither would we.  We’re committed to the painstaking process of drawing this gold out, inch by inch, ounce by ounce, from every orphan and vulnerable child in Zambia.  Prospecting for this kind of gold is grounded in the idea that a very different Zambia awaits if we can plumb the hearts and lives of its future leaders.  Although this gold may be trapped beneath the hard soil of poverty, AIDS, and brokenness, it is not impossible to find - just ask the miners.

Our teachers have started the year digging for gold in our kids, and we are so grateful for these kids, the potential they have, and opportunity to help them discover the great things they can become. What a blessing to serve alongside these teachers as they uncover greatness that our kids never knew they had! 

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

secondary school...

FCA Junior Secondary Campus opened up in January. 
Earlier this year we dedicated the land and have been watching it be built ever since. I can not even describe how thankful I am these kids get to continue at FCA and not have to go to government school! What a blessing to watch God's hand at work! 


(Open this video on your computer to watch the school being built)

Monday, February 2, 2015

starting again...

December consists of getting prepared for school to start again. Hiring new teachers, counting out exercise book orders and textbook orders, supply sorting and so many different tasks have to get done before starts! 

In January, our teachers return! This year our teacher training was kicked off with a fun day of team building! We had 350 teachers and discipleship staff working together to prepare for their school year! 

(Our Education Team on this side and our guests who came over to help with training.)

I was so thankful to be reunited with my team! I sure did miss them over holiday! 

Throughout the week we had games, sessions and amazing guests who taught our teachers so much! 

One morning our kids got to come lead worship again! They greeted all of the guests and then sang their hearts out! I am so proud of them and amazed to see how they are growing into young ladies and gentlemen!

This phenomenal couple led most of the training this week! We are so blessed to have them come and teach! 

Although things have been crazy busy, it is exciting to think about the thousands of kids who started school this year and the incredible opportunities they are going to have!


Right after Christmas we had 85 Americans come over for Dream Camp. Our kids played sports, made crafts, danced and learned different skills. It is always exciting to see our kids enjoy being kids so much!


During Dream Camp, we had two houses open at the Tree of Life. 24 more girls were able to move into the new home! 

My birthday fell during Dream Camp and I loved getting to celebrate with my kids and celebrate this precious boy's birthday too!

At the end of the trip, the Father's Family had a graduation for their Grade 12 students and students who completed trades. What an incredible night celebrating these precious kids who have overcome so many obstacles!

the holidays..

Christmas and New Year flew by this year! 

The office Christmas party...

hanging out with the our kids...

advent devotions...

meeting the new kids who moved into Chelstone...

water balloon fights...

caroling and fireworks in the village on Christmas Eve...

figuring out how to carry on family traditions without the right ingredients...

and celebrating JESUS with His precious children!

If you can't be with family, Christmas in Zambia is pretty great!