Friday, November 6, 2015



There are some days when life over here is overwhelming. Family and friends are thousands of miles away, there is more work to be done than can possibly ever be done, there is no way I could ever be what each of these kids needs. But, the great thing is, for every overwhelming moment there is over here there are so many more moments where I am overwhelmed by work being done by the mighty God who called me over here! 

It is overwhelming to watch teachers being taught by our own kids and soak up anything shown to them! In the beginning of September we had teacher training and then opened school for term 3. It is always refreshing to see our teachers growing and excited about learning and teaching new things. It is so always so refreshing when our kids return to school after a holiday break!

I am overwhelmed when I watch 70 kids who weren't even given an opportunity for an education march into the parliament building to sit through a session and understand what is going on. These grade 7 kids created a business and ran it this summer to pay for their field trips. Watching their eyes light up at the opportunity to watch a session of parliament that they have been learning about for years is pretty incredible.

Overwhelmed with the opportunity to start a Senior Secondary School at the TOL next year! I have been working to learn everything I can about Senior Secondary Schools in Zambia and prepare for the opening of our 10-12 school at TOL in January. Be in prayer for us we embark on this new journey!

Overwhelmed each time I am called mom by so many of these precious faces and overwhelmed each time I realize what God has entrusted me with.  Mainly these last few months have been me just trying to keep up with all of these kids and the struggles, challenges and blessings they go through each day!!

In the good seasons and difficult seasons I am most of all overwhelmed by the incredible God we serve and overwhelmed by the grace I receive everyday that I do not deserve! Thank you for continuing in this journey with me and for your prayers and support every day!