Monday, August 15, 2016


This time of year is Camp LIFE in Zambia when over 700 Americans come over so that 7,000 kids can come to camp. It is a crazy season of long hours, extra responsibilities and watching God move in ways you can’t even imagine. This year we are celebrating the HOPE that we have in Jesus, hope for a future in Him!

A big part of camp season for those of us mainly working at the children’s village is a season of rescue. So many kids who have been abandoned, neglected, abused and forgotten come to camp. Many need a new home, a place that is safe from harm. This summer our team has rescued and moved in 21 kids who were identified during camp as in extreme need. Each week my heart is overwhelmed to watch God pull kids out of the trenches and bring them to TOL.

This morning I was driving away from the school to the hilltop for camp when I spotted one of our kids who moved in to the village during camp a year ago. When he came to Chelston he was in a large wheelchair that he used to get around the compound. He used his hands to peddle anywhere he went and he had lost use of both of his legs. I would see him sitting around quite often and rarely saw a smile from him.
After moving in, he underwent surgeries and got the medical attention he needed. I’ve watched Isaac over the last year enjoy life so much more. I have seen him laughing and smiling and playing with the other kids. The boys in his house push him everywhere and love him so well! Many days I would pass the basketball courts and see him down on his knees playing ball with the other kids. Nothing was going to slow Isaac down now!                        
Today when I drove by the courts, I stopped. I saw Isaac’s wheelchair and a group of boys playing,  but I didn’t see Isaac. He is usually pretty easy to spot on his knees. I parked my car and started walking over when I noticed Isaac on both feet playing basketball! It was all I could do to hold my tears in as I watched him play.

In one year, God has done a miraculous work in Isaac’s life. Isaac’s physical transformation is easy to see from the outside. From a wheel chair to walking, God’s healing is eveident in his life.  Others of us, the change is from within. The transformation is a gradual growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his power to transform our lives. During the busiest of times, I am extra grateful when God reminds me of a story like Isaac. I am reminded of how powerful He is and how he works in each of our lives.

I  am so grateful for a God who doesn’t forget about us, who loves even the most broken of us and transforms us from the inside out!

with love from Zambia, kenley

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